Friday, August 14, 2015

Wrapping It Up

The Great Retreat begins tomorrow, August 15th.
May you all have a wonderful time.
All the details are below.
Just have a good time, whether you are going somewhere...or not.
Whether you are doing something...or not.

CELEBRATION CALL: Wed., Aug. 19th, 6-7 pm PST
Call-in number: 712-432-1699   Code: 356291#

This call is to celebrate your own special retreat experience, to share with others. We ask that you keep your comments fairly brief, so that all may speak. Be sure and join us.
* If you cannot take retreat on Saturday, please choose another date and join in on the call anyway, for your motivation.
* On the call, I'll give you additional tips on how to continue and develop your continuing retreat and self-care practice.

Special Thanks:
Marty Marshwww, For promoting the retreat to his communities in the U.S. and beyond

Anne Berit Olsvik: For promoting the retreat to her Facebook community in Norway

Raine For gifting us with free pages to print such as Self-Care, Self-Care List and Gratitude Cards, all beautifully hand-designed.

Have a great time, everyone! Enjoy, and spread the word!
* Be sure to leave your comments here-send me a smoke signal!

"Almost everything will work agin if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you".    ___Anne Lamott, quoted in Salon, 4/10/15


Kathleen Callaghan Mendenhall said...

Sandy - I am so grateful to you for setting up this retreat, and for continuing to remind us that we do have time to retreat. I also liked that you let us know that retreats don't have to be the typical definition. I realized that there are loads of things that I love, that I have had on the shelf to do to make my life happier, that I continually put aside to handle the "shoulds" of life. These are almost always simple projects. I selected one of those projects for my retreat. I have 2 strings of lights, covered with 3 brightly colored fabric covers (lime green, bright pink and turquoise. They have been well used and were faded. I wanted those lights to be bright again. I recalled that I used to paint on silk years ago and had many of those colors still in my supplies. Not only did I enjoy repainting the lanterns, I enjoyed pulling the bright colors out and fantasizing about future color projects. I repainted the lanterns and the colors were perfect. Now those lanterns, along with a string of clear lights, surround my porch. My husband is enjoying sitting out on the deck during the night with the sparkle of these magical lights, and I can look out and remind myself that I can do this any time. (In doing my project I kind of gave my husband a retreat too!) I know a retreat doesn't have to be a week, a day, but it can be half an hour. It is the time that I feed the magic that is always bubbling inside of me. Thank you Sandy for your continued encouragement and bright spirit!!!

Sandy Guderyon said...

Kath-thank you for writing in about your wonderful retreat that produced colorful lights for your home! I love hearing about this and your experience in being creative. The lights are there to remind you of the special time you had, painting them!

elaine said...

Hi Sandy,
I am unable to make your phone call tonight. My retreat ended up being different than I had planned. I had planned spending the day by myself. I ended up spending the day sewing and sharing a meal with my friends. It was nice to be away from daily reminders of what needs to be done. I did get quite a bit of my applique done, and in fact, I came home and continued to sew. The meal was special. My friend made pasta with sauce her partner had made before he died. He has been gone 3 months. It was a day of celebration of their life together. I will take another retreat day soon. I am adjusting to life without school. I feel lost without the responsibility of coming home and doing homework. I am sure I will get over that soon. Thank you for reminding me to take time for myself.

Sandy Guderyon said...

Hi Elaine, I am so glad you took time for a retreat for yourself, and that you were able to be with your friend to celebrate her partner in that way. A retreat comes in many different forms, and however you look at it, the time 'away' is so very important.