Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The One Where It's Messy

Only 10  more days until The Great Retreat launches!
Here are some pictures of the mess on my desk, in preparation.

This helps! It's what I see from my studio window. Deer wave at me, sometimes! That's a retreat in itself, especially when they are leaping as they go. Keeping them company are wild turkeys.
When they're gobbling at 5:30 am? Not. So. Much.

New Retreat Participants (and blog readers)
I created these last week at my SoulCollage© workshop.
...and to think they started life as vases!
I have found my calling, making Vase Girls!
Thanks for stopping by.

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Kathleen Callaghan Mendenhall said...

Sandy - you are the best! You come up with the most intriguing ideas, and you have done so much to guide me in showing me that I can create. I love how you will find an idea, follow the guidelines, and you have created some incredible work. I also love that you now have this blog. The world needs to know about you!