Thursday, August 27, 2015

Retreat Recap

Retreat Recap
How was your retreat day?
I heard from lots of people! Most of them wanted to be near the water, or nature. Others were inside, like me. 
Some examples:

  • Daughter and son-in-law went to the beach, rolled up their pant legs, and ran and played and rested in the sand
  • A young mother went to the marina to sit awhile
  • A pastor and his wife were given the gift of a condo near the ocean and walked on the beach together for two hours
  • My husband re-created a drawing of a John Deere tractor he started over 60 years ago and did not complete. He finished this one, and painted it green with yellow wheels
  • A friend took care of herself by lounging the whole day
  • A friend, visiting his ailing father, still managed time outside
  • A quilter found time to go through a stack of magazines
  • Spending time in her backyard studio, an artist spent time playing
  • Remembering a stash of pots of paint, an artist who has a herd of goats painted a string of lights to brighten the outdoors
  • Another artist visited an exciting exhibit and enjoyed a class
  • Myself? I began a new art journal in preparation for a journal exchange in my SoulCollage© group (pictures below). I was free from meal-making that day, as DH (Dear Husband) took over. Thank you!
Sisterhood of the Traveling Journals
Two years ago, in our SoulCollage© group, we did an art journal exchange and each month, worked in each other's books.
I can tell you, it's a real treat.
Now, we're doing this again, beginning in September.

Here's how my Peace Journal came together:

Front Cover (Norman Rockwell image)
Back Cover (Norman Rockwell image)
Contact Page
Watercolor Botanical Wreath (Title Page)
Greenleaf & Blueberry paints(-see below)
Finetec gold paint
Finetec Gold and Silver  Paints-Germany
Putting mine together to begin the journey is how I spent my retreat day (and the day after):
Blank 9" x 12" Canson Mix Media Journal
This journal accepts most media, including light washes

Paints: Greenleaf and Blueberry, Etsy(wreath)
(In an Altoids tin, can you believe it?)

1 page of a 2-page spread: Peace Bird
Daniel Smith artist-grade acrylic paint, FW Acrylic Artist's Ink (white), Finetec Gold Paint

Spirit Peace Boat
Materials: Coffee-painted tracing paper. Finetec Gold Paint, brown embroidery thread,
Daniel Smith paints, white colored pencil
Finished 2-page spread: "Bringing Peace To The World"

What a time I had!
This took 2 days-not only was it fun, I worked at my art table and watched English mysteries (Netflix) on my computer. 
I was a happy lady.
And, I LOVE my new book.
Doing what you love is always a good time, isn't it?
The artists who inspired me for this work:
Geninne Zlatkis-Peace Bird
Lindsey Bugbee-Calligraphy, botanical wreath
Norman Rockwell-Images, front and back covers
Jennifer Ewing-Spirit Boat

I hope you do the things you love!
Thanks for stopping by.

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