Thursday, July 30, 2015

Welcome to Attract A Great Life, a blog for enjoying life and business, too. Here, we'll talk about some of my favorite things: good food, organization, places to visit, books to read, art, and especially how to bring all this into your life.

New event: Saturday, August 15th  is National Relaxation Day......
I've decided to go on retreat that day, and I hope you will join in, wherever you are, for THE GREAT RETREAT!.
Retreat means taking time out for yourself, and getting away from 'it all'.

There's no cost to join in and no special group to sign up for.
There's just a decision on your part to take the time you deserve.

You can retreat for a few minutes, half an hour, a day or however long you can.

Next post, I'll be writing about tips and ideas for you about retreating.
Some folks are already designing their special day-how about you.

Comments: can be left here. This is where you can report in about your retreat experience.
Celebrating: I'll host a free conference call on  Wednesday, August 19th at 6 pm PST. We'll get together to celebrate and tell our retreat stories there.
Participate: email me at-

This is a nice little spot near where we live-there's a lovely little bench nearby to sit for awhile and watch the ducks and the fountains and perhaps journal a bit. Do you have a special place near you?
I'd love to hear your ideas!


Barbara b said...

That Retreat sounds amazing! Can't wait for next Saturday!

Destinymariah M said...

Can't wait for next Saturday!!

Sandy Guderyon said...

Hi-So glad you can join us next Saturday for the fun and relaxation. Be sure to come back here and post about your story; your experiences. That will definitely inspire others! We're even being promoted in Norway! Thank you so much for writing in!