Sunday, December 11, 2016

HAVE YOUR BEST YEAR EVER tele class, 12/14/16

Have you dreamed of your life-as you hope it to be? Perhaps you want to try something new, or head in a different direction?

Sometimes, our lives are fine just the way they are, thank you very much!
And sometimes, we would like to just tweak a few things ever so slightly.
That can be the 'tipping point'-that spot that takes us just that little bit further that makes the big difference.
I think that spot is where we can breathe easier.
Relax, too.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~So, whether you want to make some small changes, or great big ones, if you will  join me on Wednesday, December 14th, at 7 pm PST, you can listen in to my presentation of 


This is a teleclass, which means you don't have to dress up, you just have to CALL IN!

We will spend ONE HOUR together, on the phone in a  comfortable, safe environment.

You need: Pen and paper
You call: 712-432-1699 (356291#)
(long distance charges may apply)

From 7pm-8pm (PST), I'll cover some quick, easy ways to tweak key areas of life that may help you to get a jump-start on 2017.

This is one of the best classes I've ever presented, always with consistent, great results.
Can you bring friends and family?

AND: IT'S F*R*E*E*!!!

So join us this Wednesday, December 14th
*Please let me know at:
(I'll send you an email reminder)

Sandy Guderyon
Certified Life Coach

Sandy Guderyon is a certified life coach as well as a trained laughter leader and Law of Attraction Instructor, who lives in northern California. Sandy specializes in lifestyle design with clients from many walks of life. She also offers expertise with small business development.

If you wish to experience a complimentary conversation with Sandy, please contact:

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