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See that white container?
At one time, about 8 years ago, this was the extent of my art supplies! I purchased some colored pencils because I thought they were pretty. What were they for? I was unsure, so they sort of 'hung around', on the desk, waiting for me.

I think I wanted to 'do' some art, maybe a little something.
This was before the adult coloring book craze-that I would have gone for straight away. Coloring in the lines, right?

My SoulCollage© Group, looking at cards they've made

In the meantime, I became a trained SoulCollage© Facilitator, joined Meetup and let people know I was going to hold workshops at my home. Over time, this became the group that now meets every month at my home-8 years!

Now, they are interesting, creative and artistic women.
I listened to them talk about their own creative projects, and the museums they visited  and artists they admired, along with the movies they enjoyed.

A few more supplies!

Then, I began checking out online art classes...the kind that took me as I was and I could learn from there.
I felt comfortable doing that, because I could stop and start the class and keep up, or come back to it another time.

I made a few bookmarks, so that required playing with watercolors-learning some nice paints to work with and what kinds of paper I like painting on, and of course, I bought some paint brushes as well!

A pouch for papers. I made this in an online class with Carla Sonheim- she's wonderful at teaching how to draw fun animals. She keeps it all simple and is easy-to-follow.

Back to SoulCollage©
As I made collage cards every month, I was growing inside, finding my magical, creative self. We all were.
When you let them, the images tell you a story-about you.
Collage is a wonderful playground.

My art life was expanding, just like me.....

In 2014, I  joined a group called Awesome Flying Sketchbooks, we drew in each other's little books and mailed them  off to the next person. This book was being sent to lady named Gill in the UK.....that was fun. Receiving them was fantastic!

And then...I took a year-long, online class called Lifebook 2014 with Tamara LaPorte (also from the U.K.) and there were about 20 teachers during the year.
I did some work during that class that showed me possibilities in myself I never even knew I had. The next three pieces of work astounded me-I LOVE them!

The Stag
His name is Christophe and I plan to paint a wife for him.
Look at his eyes-they are warm, and loving.
My teacher: Tamara LaPorte

I had never drawn an eye in my life! 
I just followed my teacher's instructions, step-by-step.
I love the colors, and the eye is reflecting the light.
Teacher: Tamara La Porte

Girl With Halo
I kind of froze when I found this class involved drawing a face with charcoal. I said things like, "I can't draw faces-I can't make eyes". Again, I took the steps I was taught, one by one, and applied them. The amazing part? It was all done in 30 minutes, even the journaling I did in her hair!

This one really threw me for a loop-stopped me cold, at a loss for words. Why? Because I actually did it.
Because someone showed me HOW, that's why.
I contacted my teacher and tried to explain the feeling that came from this portrait. She wrote back, "I know-I've been there, too. It's what we do".

Teacher: Kate Thompson

And then, somehow, I found another teacher who has captured my heart: Paivi Eerola, in Finland
I'v taken three online courses with Paivi, and am about to take the fourth class. She has opened my mind in a more abstract, fun way....lots of colored pencils, too!

Colored pencil: Peacock
Teacher: Paivi Eerola

Lots more supplies!!!
Oh: there are more than 12 pencils (see them on the right?)
Art On The Go!
(I'll do a post on traveling + art soon)

Colored pencils-medieval dress
For a friend's sketchbook

Art and my interest in creating works has grown over time. I think it always will. I hope that you'll try it soon, too.
And...rather than saying "I can't", you can say "When"?

Maybe we'll see each other in the art supply section of the store.
That's where you can buy your own 12 colored pencils!

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